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lampe lune séléné mise en scène sur une table
Lampe Lune 3D illuminée Séléné
Lampe lune 3D
Lune Séléné avec plusieurs couleurs et tailles différentes
Lune 3D Séléné couleur vert et jaune
lampe lune séléné mise en scène sur une table
Lampe Lune 3D illuminée Séléné
Lampe lune 3D
Lune Séléné avec plusieurs couleurs et tailles différentes
Lune 3D Séléné couleur vert et jaune

Illuminated 3D Moon Lamp "Séléné"

☑️ Lampe tactile avec 16 couleurs uniques
☑️ Support solide en bois de Noyer
☑️ Matériaux éco-responsables
☑️ Idée cadeaux originale

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This bedside lamp is delivered to you quickly and shipping is FREE!


The moon in your room, just for you. This is the promise we make to you with the Séléné tactile moon lamp and its 16 unique colors, suitable for all audiences!

Create a warm stellar ambiance in any room of your home by mounting this stunning faithful reproduction of the moon in tactile 3D on its Walnut wood stand.

Placed in a child's room, it amazes him and encourages his imagination, and his creativity. The wonderful side of this lamp creates a soothing atmosphere that is especially conducive to sleep. It is therefore an ideal gift for a birthday or as part of original Christmas gifts for example. Also note that this lamp does not heat up. You can take it in your hands. It is therefore safe to use for both adults and children.

It can also be installed in your private bedroom or living room, to create a soothing and starry ambiance.

Séléné couleur jaune et verte dans le noir


This lamp works with LED technology. It therefore has a very long lifespan (more than 15000H!) and consumes very little energy. It is also made with ecological materials and totally respectful of the environment, which commits you to an approach of eco-responsible lighting It is biodegradable and completely odorless. With its walnut wood support, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing over time while helping you decorate your home warmly. Note that thanks to LED technology this lamp does not heat up and is therefore safe to use. It is suitable for children as well as adults.


The Séléné star lamp comes with a remote control allowing you to change its color as well as its intensity. You can therefore easily adapt the brightness of the moon to your environment, by simple touch thanks to its touch function or via the supplied remote control. This feature makes it perfect for use as a bedside lamp. In addition, thanks to the 16 different colors you can vary the atmosphere of the rooms to your liking. Kids will love trying out all the unique colors in this quirky gift idea.

lampe Séléné de différentes tailles et différentes couleur dans le noir


Our team recommends the 18cm version which we believe is the ideal size for an original gift and which can be perfectly used as a bedside lamp to be placed next to your bed. It is suitable for all audiences.

Embark on a stellar journey with this mysterious and spellbinding lamp.

Still not convinced? Find in this video a presentation of the moon lamp and the contents of the box.

Illuminated 3D Moon Lamp "Séléné"

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

On our site, all the products we offer are equipped with LED bulbs. These bulbs are particularly attractive compared to their various halogen and incandescent counterparts.

They have a much longer lifespan (10 to 50 times longer than other types of bulbs), i.e. an average lifespan of around 25,000 hours.

These eco-responsible bulbs also consume very little energy and will therefore have much less impact on your energy bills.

Finally, these bulbs do not heat up and are therefore suitable for general public use, making it possible to protect your children in the event of a accident.


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