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Wireless wall light with motion detector "PLUTUS QUINN"
Wireless wall light with motion detector "PLUTUS QUINN"
Wireless wall light with motion detector "PLUTUS QUINN"
Wireless wall light with motion detector "PLUTUS QUINN"

Wireless wall light with motion detector "PLUTUS QUINN"

☑️ Détection de mouvement grand angle
☑️ Luminosité réglable
☑️ Plusieurs modes de fonctionnement
☑️ Rechargement facile

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PLUTO QUINN is equipped with a motion sensor with a range of 3M. It allows you to move at night without having to search for the switch. This feature is particularly interesting for use at the edge of the bed or your hallway to facilitate your nighttime travels.


The brightness can be adjusted to 10/50 or 100%, allowing you to adjust the wall lamp to your use. For example, in the evening, when using it for work or reading, you would prefer to reduce the brightness so as not to harm your eyes.


Recharging is done via USB with the supplied cable and only needs to be done 6 times a year. It can be recharged on a socket, but also on your computer or any other medium that accepts USB cables.


We offer this wall lamp in warm white and neutral white.

Warm white: This color is suitable for use in a bedroom, if you want a mood light suitable for reading. It creates a warm atmosphere.

Neutral white: This color is suitable for use in a kitchen or on a desk.


Within the team, we prefer the Warm White 50cm version to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Technical characteristics of this wireless wall light with motion detector:

  • Type: Low consumption LED
  • Usage: Wireless wall light for desk, bed, closet, car trunk and more
  • Equipped with a motion sensor
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: You have the choice between the 21cm, 30cm or 50cm version
  • Charging: Rechargeable battery with the supplied USB cable - Charging only 6 times a year.
  • Certifications: CN, CE, CCC (certified to European standards)

Sconce installation:

You will find in the box 2 magnets to install on your surface. You can then affix and remove the wall light at will.

Wireless wall light with motion detector "PLUTUS QUINN"

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

On our site, all the products we offer are equipped with LED bulbs. These bulbs are particularly attractive compared to their various halogen and incandescent counterparts.

They have a much longer lifespan (10 to 50 times longer than other types of bulbs), i.e. an average lifespan of around 25,000 hours.

These eco-responsible bulbs also consume very little energy and will therefore have much less impact on your energy bills.

Finally, these bulbs do not heat up and are therefore suitable for general public use, making it possible to protect your children in the event of a accident.


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