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Choosing lighting and lamps for the home: The complete guide

Choosing lighting and lamps for the home: The complete guide

It is sometimes difficult to choose the right lighting for your home and in particular the lamps to use. Rest assured, we're here to help with this dedicated guide!

At the end of this article and thanks to our advice in this complete guide, you will know how to choose the right lamps for your home, whether for your living room (or living room), your bedroom, your bathroom Or your stairs. This guide also covers outdoor lighting, which is a special case.

Why use LED lighting for the home?

Let it be said right away, our choice is LED lighting which, in our opinion, is the best lighting for the home because it has many very attractive characteristics to illuminate the interior as much as the outside your home.

But what is LED?

A very long lifespan: Yes, LEDs have a lifespan of more than 50,000h (10x more than other incandescent and halogen bulbs), you will not have to change them very rarely.

Reduced energy bills: LED consumes up to 90% less than your other lamps and will save you from heavy energy bills. As an indication, a 9W LED bulb corresponds to approximately the same intensity as a 60W incandescent bulb.

A wide variety of choices: LED comes in many colors and under different types of lighting. This wide range ensures you will find what you are looking for and will make your home unique by personalizing it to your taste and will give you a good image with your visitors with a warm illumination.

You can also discover our dedicated article to learn more about how LEDs work.

led éco responsable avec de la terre dedans

How to light up your living room?

To illuminate your living room (or your dining room), you are lucky there are many possibilities. For example, you can opt for a wall light which has the particular advantage of decorating your walls. We advise you to ensure that you install it on a white or light colored wall (for example a beige wall) because dark colored walls absorb light and therefore limit the range of your luminaire. You will also want to install it in the upper third of your wall, 170cm to 180cm being the ideal height because it is slightly above eye level. No more "empty" look, let's decorate!

It is also possible to choose other lamp sizes to place on a table, a piece of furniture or any other flat surface. The decoration of this part of the house is very free. Although it must be done with care, it is quite easy to get a nice result and find the ideal table lamp. The important thing here is to vary the light sources in order to give relief to your living room and make it more lively. Carefully analyze the most strategic areas of the room to detect the best places to place your lights.

You can also think big and choose a large lamp, why not opt ​​for an original decorative light. This is ideal if you want to catch the eye of your visitors. Be careful all the same to be careful and to check that the light fixture you want goes well with the rest of your decoration.

For more exotic needs, there are also other solutions such as Moroccan chandeliers for example that will surprise your visitors.

Finally, we recommend that you install a ceiling light that serves as multi-directional general lighting (also called task lighting) for your dining room.This must, as far as possible, have a wide angle of diffusion, 360 degrees being the ideal

On the color side, preferably choose warm colors (around 3000k) for your living room, cold temperatures (above 400k) tend to freeze the atmosphere of the room. It is possible to find a happy medium. For example, install a warm white bulb on a light fixture with a clear or completely white shade.

salon lumineux avec une décoration moderne

LED lamps to decorate your bedroom

In order to decorate your room, you again have a wide panel that will depend a lot on the atmosphere you want to create, as well as whether you want to create one in continuity with the decoration of your home or totally different.

In general, by choosing modern and original lighting, you can easily create mood lighting for a unique bedroom. Rest assured, there are many models available either on the internet or in stores at very affordable prices. The only limit is your imagination!

What brightness for my bedroom?

Keep in mind that this room is a place of rest reserved for relaxation. Knowing this, be careful when selecting your bulbs. These must have a rather low luminous flux (lm) as well as a warm color temperature (Warm white of about 2700k) which will recall sunrises and sunsets. This color is very favorable to falling asleep as well as a gentle awakening in the morning.

As for your bedside lamp, opt again for lamps with warm colored bulbs (also a warm white around 2700K). Also be original, you will see this lamp every day and therefore will have to like it. For example, for an atmosphere that is both original and modern, you can choose a lamp from our collection of table lamps in the same style as this touch-sensitive circular bedside lamp or our "Magic Book" to surprise your visitors with its originality. This lamp will be particularly appreciated by children.

Finally, you can also install garlands if you want to make the atmosphere more cozy. This can sometimes give a "Christmas" atmosphere but in general it is a simple choice to set up and particularly effective. For less Christmas mood lighting, the garlands can be replaced by led ribbons. Very fashionable at the moment, these ribbons are not expensive and stick to the baseboards of your walls to bring a colorful and futuristic atmosphere.

chambre le soir lumineuse et décorée

Which lights to choose on the stairs?

In the case of lighting a staircase, we advise you to opt for a more sober luminaire, ideally selected especially to match with the colors and textures of your environment.

The choice of lamps for the staircase is very personal. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to opt for a bulb with a rather warm color (warm white of around 2700k) so as not to damage your eyes by switching on the light during night trips. Ideally, we advise you to install your lighting in the form of wall lights which are space-saving and have the advantage of easily dressing your walls.

Our advice on stair lighting also applies to your hallways.

How do I enhance the kitchen with my lighting?

This centerpiece of your home can be decorated in so many ways.However, our team advises you to opt for simple functional lighting and modern (commonly called Nordic/Scandinavian lighting)

Concerning the bulb, opt for lighting with a high luminous flux (600-1000lm) in a cold color so as not to distort the photos of your creations fresh out of the oven.

If you want to vlog (video blogs) in the kitchen, bet on the cold color bulbs which we believe are a perfect choice.

Note that if you don't want to take pictures, it is possible to take warmer lighting (about 2700k) which helps you create a softer atmosphere and is ideal for nighttime hunger pangs.

Your dining table can be illuminated by a suspended ceiling light (see photo below) to make the space more convivial.

éclairage et lampes pour la maison dans l'espace cuisine

What lighting for my bathroom?

The bathroom is tricky. Indeed, the lights must absolutely be water resistant so that the bulb does not burn out . It is therefore necessary to choose your bulbs carefully. So check at this time that the lighting is indeed certified at least IP44.

The higher this protection index, the better the luminaire is water resistant. To read it, know that the first number corresponds to the resistance to solid bodies (here the 4 corresponds to protection against solid bodies greater than 1mm and is sufficient for a bathroom. The second number corresponds to the resistance to liquid bodies (here the second 4 corresponds to protection against splashes in all directions) To summarize the choice of the protection index, an IP 42 index will not be suitable because the product does not withstand water but an IP24 is even better if at first glance it seems inferior.

We recommend that you opt for a bulb with a rather cold color (Cool white 4000K and more) with high light intensity so as not to distort your reflection in the mirror and allow you to take nice selfies. For example, you can opt for recessed spotlights in the bathroom wall.

If you have the possibility of creating several independent lighting devices, you can multiply the light sources at this time. Do not hesitate to connect bulbs with a warmer color as well as a low luminous flux for your other light sources. It's a great aid to relaxation, especially if you want to take a relaxing bath after a long week of hard work on your various professional and personal projects.

What light to work efficiently in your office?

In order to work efficiently, it is important to choose lighting conducive to concentration that will not disturb you during your longest work sessions. It is for this reason that we again recommend the LED which is effective in protecting you against stray reflections on your computer screen.

Choose multidirectional lighting. It is indeed an asset to allow you to have a full view of your work plan.

Also install a desk lamp (a wooden desk lamp can be a good choice for example) to which you can apply a bulb with a warm color for mood lighting that will be very useful in the evening to protect you against possible insomnia due to too bright and bright lighting.

The key to working efficiently is to find the right balance between functional lighting and mood lighting. Testing different combinations is the secret to designing the perfect ambiance for your intensive working hours.

bureau décoré avec un ordinateur fixe et une lampe

How do I choose the lighting for my garage?

The garage should be lit with bulbs with high luminous flux as well as with a cool white that allows you to easily spot the various utensils that you could store there Aim for LED bulbs between 7W and 10W.

Also consider taking a look at the scattering angle. In order for the lamp to reach the majority of your garage, opt for a maximum angle. Be aware that there are many bulbs that go up to 360 degrees.

Finally, we particularly want to emphasize the LEDs in the case of the garage because it can be exposed to cold temperatures and the LED is very resistant to the cold. LEDs also have the advantage of having an instantaneous ignition time when pressing the switch as well as a homogeneous light. It is therefore the preferred lighting for the garage.

Finally, regarding the protection index, opt for a bulb with high IP as seen above in order to resist ambient humidity. For example, you can opt for an IP54 bulb which will suit the vast majority of cases you may encounter.

How to light up your garden?

To light up your garden, there are several lighting solutions, depending on the configuration of your exterior. Make sure all your lights are waterproof (minimum IP65) so you can have peace of mind at all times after installing your lighting.

Wall lights:

Installing one or more wall lights in your garden is a good solution to illuminate it. Placed on the walls of your home, it can be in the form of functional lighting, but also for more decorative use. For example, you can opt for a wall lamp with a modern design such as the Tyber wall lamp. Installing a wall light involves drilling into the wall. If you wish to install one and you are tenants, we strongly urge you to first ask the owner of the accommodation for authorization, as well as the final choice of the wall lamp.

The installation of a wall light being a little technical, if you do not have knowledge in the field, we invite you to contact a craftsman or other qualified person to proceed with the installation.


To illuminate your terrace, installing garlands is a perfect choice, especially when it comes to taking advantage of summer evenings to eat outside in the evening. We strongly recommend that you opt for colored garlands, which bring "warmth" to your terrace.

The terminals:

Installing bollards in the garden is also another viable solution. These can be autonomous, by opting for solar terminals for example, which have the great advantage of not generating additional electrical costs. The terminals can also be connected to your electrical network.

An optimal use of bollards is to install them along your driveway to make it stand out from the rest of the garden at night.

Autonomous solar lights:

There are autonomous solar lights to place in your garden. These can be in the form of rocks or other original shapes and are interesting when it comes to installing outdoor lighting at a lower cost, in particular because they have no impact on your energy bills.

applique murale tyber éclairée la nuit

Our decorating style ideas for your home

Home lighting can be chosen in the form of multiple decoration styles.To help you, here are some ideas for choosing the atmosphere you want to have in your rooms to be lit

Scandinavian lighting: This style inspired by Nordic countries combines the minimalist side of modern decorations with the functional side of the light. This style is suitable for your simple decor needs.

Original and quirky lighting: It may also be possible to aim for originality by opting for lights (whether wall sconces or table lamps) with designs that are out of the ordinary and that will surprise all your visitors. Do not hesitate to consult our collection, we offer particularly original lighting.

Retro lighting: Retro style is timeless. Vintage decorations bring an air of nostalgia to your interiors and enhance your different rooms. Vintage goes well with all your decorations and is therefore a powerful tool to brighten up the house.

Country lighting: You can also opt for a more country style, for example via wooden lights which, if you associate them with indoor plants, will recall nature and are therefore ideal for creating a warm, friendly and soothing atmosphere.

Maritime lighting: If you live by the sea, take the opportunity to equip yourself with maritime-themed lights. Your visitors from the land will be in a change of scenery and your decoration will be recognized as unique and original.

Baroque lighting: In a completely different style, you can finally opt for a more chic style with the Baroque style and its "premium" rendering focused on warm and dark colors. It is characterized by a strong use of black and red with large objects such as "oversized" mirrors. The theme of nobility is omnipresent

décoration d'un mur du salon en bois et avec des plantes vertes

What lighting power should I choose for my living rooms?

Each room has different lighting power needs and we have prepared a table summarizing the general lighting power needs for each living room in your home that we recommend. Note that these values ​​may not take into account certain parameters of your room such as exposure to the sun for example.

The values ​​are expressed in lumens (lm) and correspond to the total amount of light in your lighting. It is determined from the quantity of light generated per m² (expressed in Lux). The lux is based on a luminaire installed on a ceiling between 2.5 and 2.7m in height.

The formula for calculating the amount of light in lumens is as follows:

Number of Lumens = Number of square meters x Lux

Life Coin Number of lumens required (amount of light)
Bathroom Between 2000 and 4000lm
Living room About 5000lm
Bedroom Between 2000 and 4000lm
Kitchen 7000lm
Office 4000lm is ideal

Finally, the equivalent between the power in Watts of an LED and the quantity of light in lm is approximately the following:

80-90lm = 1W LED

To convert the power in Watts of an LED bulb to the power of an Incandescent bulb, simply apply a multiplier of approximately 7.2. The calculation is as follows:

Power Watt incandescent = 7.2 x Power Watt LED

How do I light my house on a tight budget?

There are many alternatives for small budgets.Do not hesitate to go for a walk in the braderies and other places of charity sales (such as the famous sign Emmaus for example and its solidarity thrift store which has existed since 2002) These places are full of inexpensive lighting, good quality and which can be very trendy. At the same time, you will finance the poorest. Any occasion is good to do a good deed!

This is an opportunity to focus the decoration of your home on a vintage style worked at low cost.

Your other questions about lighting

What lighting not to see the defects of the ceiling?

In order to hide any flaws in the ceiling as well as possible, opt for direct lighting directed downwards, such as LED pendant lights with a bell-shaped shade for example, which are ideal choices because they create areas shade on the ceiling and effectively conceal defects. In general, opt for luminaires with opaque lampshades so as not to diffuse light on the ceiling and which, if you have the possibility, have a fairly low suspension, in order to draw the gaze away from the ceiling.

The end of the story

You now know how to choose the right lighting and lamps for your home. We recommend our collection of lights that will find their place in the decoration of your home.


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