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How does home staging affect the real estate valuation?

How does home staging affect the real estate valuation?

We often hear about “home staging”, this technique would be a marketing way to make the sale of your property faster. But does this tool also allow you to influence the real estate valuation of your home and therefore sell your property for more than expected?

We are going to see this together and find out how decoration can help you sell your home in better conditions.

Home Staging: marketing tool that counts on the crush

Above all, home staging is a technique based on the decoration of your home. The main mission is to make the property brighter and give more space to the rooms.

We will also try to depersonalize the decoration as much as possible, so we will have to remove the slightest odors such as tobacco or the smell of pets. Depersonalizing also involves removing all of your personal photos.

The final objective in home staging is not to directly influence the property valuation of your property but rather to optimize its decoration so that it is neutral and I have a maximum chance of creating a crush during visits.

The recommended budget for implementing this technique is not to exceed more than 5% of the selling price of the property. Small jobs are favored.

To know the selling price of your property, you will have to carry out its real estate estimate either through an agent or by doing it on an online estimator.

The stages of home staging

The first step in home staging is to depersonalize all the rooms, we remove the family photos.

Then we will have to declutter the home as much as possible, the objective is to create as much space as possible and that there is a feeling that your home is uncluttered.

The next step is going to be to clean up and fix things that are easy to fix and that would make for a better first impression. For example, replacing loose electrical outlets and removing odors such as tobacco.

The last step is to refresh and revamp your property. For example, you can remove an old wallpaper or revamp an old piece of furniture.

Remember if you have an exterior that home staging also applies there.

Renovation has more impact

As seen above, home staging makes it possible to influence visits and therefore above all to sell your property more quickly. Thanks to this tool, we will avoid seeing the property drag on the market.

Obviously, if the property is sold more quickly, the crush is favored and therefore reduces the chances that future owners will ask to negotiate. Therefore the property may be sold more expensive than if you had neglected its decoration.

The advantage of this technique is that its cost remains relatively low.

On the other hand, if your property is old and needs to be renovated, failure to renovate it before it is put up for sale has a huge influence on its real estate valuation. Some more in-depth work such as bringing the electricity up to standard will make it possible to enhance its value.

Tip: The French government offers special aid called Ma Prime Renov to help renovate your property. Take the test on the official website to see if you are eligible, by clicking here.

Renting, a good alternative

If you want to sell your property because you can no longer take care of the management, know that there are effective alternatives to limit your investment in time and energy while maximizing the return on investment.This is the outsourcing of rental management Concretely, it is possible to delegate part or all of its rental management to a specialized partner. This is the case, for example, of services such as MaLocaTeam, which is called a "real estate nanny" and which offers to take charge of 100% of your rental management.


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