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How to create an original atmosphere at home using lighting?

How to create an original atmosphere at home using lighting?

Specially designed to create an aesthetic effect in your decor, the lights are lamps with original shapes. They allow to reinforce the natural light in the house while bringing a decorative touch.

There are many different shapes, and it's up to you to customize the lighting in your home and give it the look that suits you.

In this article, discover tips for creating an original atmosphere with lighting.

Choose a suitable light for each room

Every light fixture that you use in a home must be perfectly suited to the room or space in which it is fixed. Living rooms will not benefit from the same type of lighting as bedrooms or bathrooms.

In the living room

Warm, slightly yellowish lights bring an elegant look to the living room when combined with natural lighting from the bay window. The living room is the most frequented room in your home. It is necessary to maximize the original effect there by placing several lamps. It is possible to use several lights in this living room, depending on its size. 4-5 light fixtures of different sizes and shapes won't do any harm to your living room. For example, you can opt for a wall lamp on the main wall, a ceiling lamp suspended above the dining room and add smaller lamps in other strategic corners of the room. This forms a very beautiful marriage and favors the sobriety of the lighting in addition to the decorative effect of the lamps.

The kitchen

Here, it is important to highlight softness and clarity, by focusing on multiple lighting. You can put a light slab in the center of the room, just above the island. On the other hand, the space devoted to the table goes better with soft light. In addition, the choice of your lights must take into account the daylight that enters the kitchen in the hot season.

The bedroom

Bedrooms are home to soft lighting intended to facilitate sleep. Creating an original atmosphere is quite easy here. It's best to opt for dual lighting: a bright light for use when you're awake, and a softer one for nighttime. You can also opt for black light in this room (what is it?) in order to set up a hot atmosphere.

The bathroom

The lighting in this room must be chosen with delicacy and meticulousness. Give yourself the privilege of having a bright bathroom to enjoy a perfect view. Strong lighting is recommended because it blends perfectly with the color of the tiles. A central suspension is ideal, with the possibility of reinforcing the lighting with wall ties.

Bring your touch of originality by creating indirect effects

It is quite possible to place indirect lighting in the different rooms of your house. This is possible in all rooms; the luminaires being manufactured in many shapes and sizes. Placing recessed lighting in a headboard creates a different look than central lighting. In the living room, you can place lamps behind the sofa or on a stair step. The dressing room or the kitchen splashbacks are also strategic places where the installation of lighting gives your interior an original and refined atmosphere.

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